Dr. Shanbhag works with a select group of area corporations providing executive coaching and leadership development to their executives, managers, and employees.  Elite athletes use coaches to enhance their performance, and elite professionals do the same.  Dr. Shanbhag works one-on-one to analyze the situation, develop a coaching plan, and follow up.  Current clients include the hospitality industry, state agencies, and private non-profits.
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In addition to individual coaching, Dr. Shanbhag provides consultation and workshop services to teams.  This work often involves conducting leadership development seminars, facilitating conversations, and coping with rapid changes in the workplace.

Corporate coaching builds on Dr. Shanbhag’s work in helping people sustain healthy relationships, in this case at work, and uses her own real life experience being a leader and managing teams as the prior CEO of a nonprofit.

If you are interested in how Dr. Shanbhag may be able to help your firm, please contact her at (407) 644-5598 or email  the front desk.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

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